Monday, January 9, 2017

Eggplant, Nonna's, Toronto

This is why I keep a sandwich blog.
This. Right here.
Eggplant parm at Nonna's gets your automatic cheese, and I'm pretty sure out of that free cheese guilt I paid extra to get zucchini, which was hella not necessary, but have I mentioned that I'm eating healthy now?

Reuben, Avenue Diner, Toronto

A mid afternoon Reuben before an early office dinner seemed like a bad idea, but the rush hour traffic getting out of the core was so bad that I was for once the only person not starving at the table. Still, I ate the most at that dinner, but my stomach had been contracted with this medium sized sandwich, light on the slaw, with fries and gravy extra, and some special Greek deserts thrown in. One of Avenue Diner's better hot sandwich offerings, I may ask for extra corned beef next time, just for good measure. PS. good pickle. wish I got two!

Chicken Parm, Mamma Martino's, Toronto

A birthday feast at Mamma Martino's was not complete without multiple orders of garlic bread and house salad, and of course, a pizza pie, but as it was a special day, I also ordered the chicken parm sandwich, because I needed to know. The meat was tender and delicious, and I would definitely try the eggplant and veal in future orders, but it's hard, because all those other things also needed to be ordered, so maybe I will have to wait until my next birthday.

It was also on Halloween when we went, and the haunted house at the owner's house was truly a magical, amazing time. The people at Mamma Martino's know how to have a good time, and whether he was earnest or not in inviting us back in the summer for a pool party, we may just show up anyhow.

Bacon roll, Blackbird Bakery, London

A sad looking roll really, but I recall devouring it greedily as I stood waiting for the Overground at Queen's Road Peckham station, calling at . . .

Picking up the roll at Blackbird Bakery below, along with their delicious Scotch eggs, the English roll is far inferior to the Scottish roll, and yet, the English Scotch egg is always far better. Cholesterol conundrums.

Icecream sandwich, Baker's Bots (Bloor), Toronto

A farewell ice cream sandwich one summer evening on Bloor Street, the Bakerbot on Bloor is not my favorite, but then again, ice cream sandwiches in general are losing my favour.

This chocolate and raspberry combo did nothing for me, but my companion, who was doing the departing, enjoyed his, and so, it was worth it.

Some backstory of the Bakerbot on Bloor and Ossington was given, but I did not retain. I don't see how there is even competition between the two anymore, but again, I have little invested.

Beef Dip, EMPAC, Troy, NY

Stopping into EMPAC for a visit in upstate NY, lunch or was it breakfast was had at their lone cafe at the bottom of their space dome. A hearty beef dip this must have been, and the beautiful white catalogue of EMPAC was only there to remind me of where this was, but while sandwich eating this hot glorious mess, the book was pushed farther away from splash reach.
I remember the dipping jus was quite excellent.

Assorted breaded meat sandwiches, Lisbon

The way they taunt you from every corner bakery . . .

. . . Made a mistake and got one from an upscale bakery. Worst sandwich offering in a week . . .

. . . But recovered by buying all the sandwich ingredients at a small market for a fraction of the price including some tomato and onion to kick it up a notch, plus smoky bacon chips! 

Club vs Club, Lester's and Le Pick Up, Montreal

Absolutely no need for a face-off save my exhaustion at sandwich posting, there is a connection between these two clubs. As Bernie from Le Pick Up referred me to Lester's club offering one sandwich eating session last summer, I couldn't help but have my interest piqued from one sandwich fiend to another. I love a club sandwich. So classic. Not a lot of places do it anymore, and not a lot of them do it right. Lester's was pretty good. Sure, the turkey was a smidge on the dry side, but it tasted goooood.

Below, Le Pick Up's club on the right, and never able to order just one sandwich there, it's probably the breakfast sandwich on the left. Love that little guy. The club at LPU is infinitely more substantial given entire slabs of grilled chicken breast, but while the shape of a club was there, the sandwich actually fell apart on me. Finding myself eating more chicken breast than bread, or lettuce, tomato, and bacon, it was tasty, but it was too much chicken, not enough club. The chipotle sauce was a real kicker though, but if I had to choose between two clubs, I would choose Lester's + LPU's chipotle sauce = dream team.