Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mystery halloumi sandwich

Was this sandwich any good? Where did it come from?

I have been traveling so much this year that I have lost count of where and when these sandwiches were eaten. The big square plates and dark table top make me think I was in Montreal, as why would I order such a thing in Toronto, where I could easily make a superior version at home. But I could have had a sudden craving for halloumi, as the bread looks flimsy, and Montreal rarely does flimsy bread.

I have a sensation that the salad was good, and this sandwich was actually all right, despite the bread. The plate is too large for what it holds, I wonder if this was some kind of airport meal I had treated myself to as this doesn't look like something I would order by choice at a restaurant of my choosing, but something somewhere where options were severely limited. If pressed, I would probably order it again.

Cold Cuts, Tostos, Toronto

Tostos is known for their pizzas, and their pastas, but they also serve sandwiches and salads. Having tried all four categories, their namesake as a pizza and pasta bar should just serve those things.

True, I want to still try their meatball sandwich, but on this day for this meeting, I had the cold cut sandwich. The ciabatta bun was not impressive, nor was the serving size. I remember the meats were heavily cured, but I wish it came on a thin baguette, so that I could enjoy a better meat to bread ratio with each bite.

Since their home made pizza dough was so good, in that square Roman style, I thought their bread would be better. Ah well!

Banh Mi King, Winnipeg

I ate here twice and got take out once over a span of a week in Winnipeg. Banh Mi King just seemed to have what I was craving, starting with this taster of their assorted banh mi. The slaw and dressing ate first, and it was both acidic and spicy with a nice crunch.

Moving on to the sandwich, the meats were well-made and no skimping on portions. I did want more pickled vegetables, and could have asked for as such next time, but this was the only time I got a banh mi. Does this mean I didn't really like it? I mean, the bread wasn't toasted, but I don't recall that being a problem. Or was I eager to try their extensive menu? I never did try their baoger, which I'm not sure fits into this blog, but on sandwich alone, I would and have tried this place again, and again.

Smoked Tongue, Sherbrook Street Deli, Winnipeg

Formerly known as Fitzroy, or just in its same location, I had very fond memories of the Sherbrook Street Deli's smoked meat sandwich, which in all the years since I last had it, I thought was tongue.
So upon returning to this deli, I ordered the tongue. In fact, I double downed on it. Getting twice as much meat as I remember how succulent and moist it was.

The sandwich that came was not the sandwich I once had. This meat either needed another round in the pressure cooker, as it was still quite full of sinew. My dining companion had hers (regular portion) with a schmear of liver pate, and that was a good call. The slaw was decent, but forgettable, as were their kettle chips, but they do a good pickle.

I ate this hulking pile of tongue meat, and wondered if I had simply ordered the wrong sandwich, or if that wonderful flaky salty meat memory will just have to remain a memory.

Breakfast Sandwich, Nuburger, Winnipeg

I love an all-day breakfast option, but a "healthy" breakfast option?

Eating at Nuburger was more by default than by choice, as all the other restaurants I wanted to try in Osborne Village were closed that day. I like trying new places, but a place that prides itself on making healthy burgers sounds like a place that skimps on fatty flavour.

Ordering their "It's Always Sunny" breakfast sandwich, as I must have felt extra healthy in not wanting their nitrate-free bacon, I was surprised by how long it took for the food to come out, and by how expensive this was. As you can see, the hard cheese and salad sits on top of an overcooked egg. The pesto aioli was pretty bland, and overly generous, but the crisp focaccia toasts weren't bad, but a strange highlight in this medley.

Perhaps what really bummed me out was the decor, which was bright white lights and a lot of brushed steel and white plastic. It made me feel dead inside, and this sandwich did not revive me.

Breakfast Sandwich Breakdown

An email from Carla to JD, with love.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Eggplant, Nonna's, Toronto

This is why I keep a sandwich blog.
This. Right here.
Eggplant parm at Nonna's gets your automatic cheese, and I'm pretty sure out of that free cheese guilt I paid extra to get zucchini, which was hella not necessary, but have I mentioned that I'm eating healthy now?

Reuben, Avenue Diner, Toronto

A mid afternoon Reuben before an early office dinner seemed like a bad idea, but the rush hour traffic getting out of the core was so bad that I was for once the only person not starving at the table. Still, I ate the most at that dinner, but my stomach had been contracted with this medium sized sandwich, light on the slaw, with fries and gravy extra, and some special Greek deserts thrown in. One of Avenue Diner's better hot sandwich offerings, I may ask for extra corned beef next time, just for good measure. PS. good pickle. wish I got two!